Narsai David, one of California’s leading gourmets and national television/radio personality, unveils his beautifully packaged and thoroughly luscious line of gourmet specialty foods.

Narsai’s Specialty Foods are manufactured from the finest ingredients available. Narsai prides himself in saying, “We have never used extenders or artificial preservatives. Our best seller, Chocolate Decadence, is made from a custom blending of Guittard chocolates roasted to our specifications, and is never based on cocoa powder and modified vegetable fats.”

Chocolate Decadence
Narsai’s richest chocolate creation! Heavenly when heated and poured over your favorite ice cream, or chilled, scooped, and rolled into truffles!

Dijon Mustard
Made in the classic style of the best French mustards, this smooth, creamy mustard with perfectly balanced flavor will complement hearty sandwiches, sausages, and a variety of savory dishes.

Butter Caramel Decadence
The deep golden, buttery flavors of this Decadence sauce are delicious when eaten directly from the jar with a spoon! Or, warm and combine with Chocolate Decadence to create a sumptuous Black and Tan sundae!

Green Peppercorn Mustard
Narsai’s Dijon Mustard is sparked with green peppercorns and spices. This is a  superb mustard to serve with pâtés and cold meats, also delicious in salad dressings.

Mustard Dill Sauce
Fabulous with grilled salmon–although originally created at Narsai’s Restaurant to serve with Gravlax. This delicately spiced sauce makes a great spread for any sandwich. Try blending with a simple vinaigrette for a spicy, new salad dressing.

Nectarine Chutney
Narsai’s Nectarine Chutney is full of juicy nectarines and blended with select exotic spices. Nectarine Chutney pairs well with with salads, sandwiches, cheeses and hot or cold meats.

Assyrian Pomegranate Marinade
Created at Narsai’s Restaurant for Assyrian Rack of Lamb, this marinade incorporates pomegranate juice, red wine, garlic, onions and spices. Not only fabulous with lamb, it goes equally well with beef and pork.

Premium Blend Coffee
Narsai’s personal blend Premium Blend Coffee. A blend of three special coffees, originally developed for Narsai’s Restaurant in Berkeley, California. This coffee imparts a deep, rich flavor. The clean mouthfeel of this coffee is balanced by a lively acidity.

Premium Decaffeinated Coffee
Narsai’s personal blend of Premium Decaffeinated Coffee. This is the same rich coffee that we served at Narsai’s Restaurant. Decaffeinated by using a water-only process.